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There aren’t enough tears or words to show how much I love my arena family. It has been a privilege to call arena my second home from building it up from ice skating rink to what it is now. Today was the end of a journey but looking back it’s crazy to see how many times it was almost cut short, and if it weren’t for these people I couldn’t have made it nearly this far. Love you all so much and I’ll see you later ❤️💗💙

What can I even say to you Kerry. You’re a best friend that can always make me laugh on the worst days and motivate me to be my best every day especially when Valdi never sees any of the good turns haha I’m gonna miss seeing your face and cheering you on and of course hearing you hiss every weekday. I wish you all the best at Temple and I know I’ll see you again this year! Love you to the moon and back 😘 @kerry_arone ps I’m crying just reading this #leveltentwerkteam

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